introducing kaja gjedebo

It has been a ride!

I had a truly restless soul after high school, and went to live in Germany and Spain for a year, where I ran a travelling lottery booth and worked as a construction worker, amongst other things. Love took me to Australia, and then fate brought me to a cabinet making school in the middle of nowhere in Norway. I loved working with wood so much, and I was sure I had found my passion in life! (it still is a passion..)

the design-studio by the forest

The world was my oyster, these days it is the subway

Since then there has been ups and downs and never a regular income, but today my jewellery is sold all over Norway, and even Japan and Russia. Meeting all my wonderful, independent and beautiful customers and see their shared passion for jewellery gives me regular highs. Getting a glimpse of my earring on the bus is just as great as seeing them on a TV-show.

Today I live in a neighbourhood of row houses for artists with an in-house studio, with my husband, two kids and our draft dog. The forest is our closest neighbour, but Oslo and city life is only a subway-trip away.

I hope to see you on the bus with my earrings some day!